"Strong depth of understanding and technical ability"  


Welcome to my website. Please take a moment to browse my work, skills, and professional experience. It is my firm belief that a good challenge offers an opportunity to develop and improve, which is why I make a point of seeking out new challenges in the professional realm.  My interest in film and television started at secondary school.  I chose media studies which at first seemed like at first an easy option rather than a classical education.  How wrong was I,  that initial interest grew into a life long love and vocation. A journey through a technical College education for understanding and ability in the technical side of the job then onto Bournemouth Film School for the creative understanding and appreciation of the craft. 


That equal balanced respect I invested for the two very different aspects of the craft of location sound has served me very well and equipped me with a strong depth of understanding and technical ability.  To be the very best that I can be I have always believed learning is a life long pursuit with continual personal development.   At the start of my career I was extremely lucky to be taken under the wing and mentored by some of the most respected craftsmen in the field of location sound.  For every lesson I digested on how and why best to do something there was always an equal lesson on how and why not to do things.  I worked in many sound departments at every level gaining as much experience in each role as possible.  

As you will see from the pictures above, I have customised and constructed all of the equipment that I use every day.  My custom design enables me to exploit the advantage of efficiency and superior unique capabilities at my finger tips. 

"Self sufficiency, resourcefulness and ingenuity"   

As a Production Sound Mixer, I regard the preservation of the actors performance as my single most important responsibility.  As I have done throughout my entire career I prioritise in the creation and application of efficient working practices whilst striving for excellence and most importantly all with a sense of humour.  Self sufficiency, resourcefulness and ingenuity are all all hallmarks values that underpin my working ethos.  I strive to have the best equipment within the craft having personally developed, designed and built most of the equipment I use on a daily basis.   


Beyond work and family commitments,  when I am not watching films or TV shows I endeavour to keep active cycling and swimming as much as possible.

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