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"Strong depth of understanding and technical ability"   

I have always been passionate about film and television and this interest first developed during my secondary school years. My enthusiasm led me to pursue media studies as well as additional technical training at college and creative studies at Bournemouth Film School. This allowed me to develop a strong understanding and technical ability with respect to the craft of location sound. I am committed to continual learning and personal development, and I was fortunate to benefit from the guidance and mentorship of some of the most respected industry professionals. I have worked in many sound departments at all levels in order to gain as much experience as possible. Additionally, I have customized and constructed much of my own equipment to give me the advantage of efficiency and unique capabilities. As a Production Sound Mixer, I take my responsibility for preserving the actors' performance very seriously. I prioritize creating and applying efficient working practices while always maintaining a sense of humour. My working ethos is marked by a commitment to self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. When I'm not watching films or TV shows, I enjoy keeping active by cycling and swimming.

"Self sufficiency, resourcefulness and ingenuity"   

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